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Physical Therapy Exercise Library reintroduces the basics to create a strong foundation of key everyday movements that are routed in neuromuscular techniques, strength and conditioning principles.


Physical Therapy Exercise Library pioneers the most patient-centric and clinician-centric resource where patients and clinicians can utilizeĀ the tools needed to progress their quality of life and optimize functional independence.

An expertly curated library that simplifies the approach of Physical Therapy by returning to the basics and creating the most stable foundation for all of lifeā€™s complex movements. The simplification of the Physical Therapy Exercise Library will be paired with the empowering Helping Friends Toolset for motion capture feedback activating world-class orchestrated music. Together, this program promotes a feedforward mechanism of motor planning by producing positive reinforcement for correct exercise execution.



Dr. Kevin Kenefick,Ā Author

Dr. Kevin Kenefick is a NY/NJ licensed Physical Therapist and Founder of Kenefick Physical Therapy PLLC.Ā  Based in Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Kenefick attended The University of Scranton for his undergraduate in Exercise Science, University of Northern Colorado for a Masters in Biomechanics, and The University of Scranton for his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After graduating, he worked in New York City for an outpatient clinic where he worked with a diverse array of manual and neuromuscular techniques to restore function in patients with musculoskeletal dysfunction. Specialties include: Advanced Manual Therapy techniques, half-marathon and marathon training, Soccer conditioning and rehab, Baseball and other overhead athletes, Powerlifting and Olympic style Strength and Conditioning, Yoga, Pilates, utilization of the McKenzie Method with his spine patients, PNF neuromuscular re-education with patients with neurodegenerative disorders such, but not limited to Parkinsonā€™s Disease, Alzheimerā€™s Disease, post-stroke, Autism SpectrumĀ Disorder, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Thomas Foster

“Itā€™s not about entertainment as much as its about empathizing. If you can use music to slip past the pain and gather insight into the workings of someone elseā€™s mind, you can begin to fix a problem.ā€

Enjoy the Music samples!


Jesse Ruggio,Ā Composer

Berklee College of Music educated musician and producer Jesse Ruggio is the lead sound designer for Physical Therapy Exercise Library. With over 20 years of classical training in piano and music theory, as well as over a decade of production and sound design experience ranging from music therapy to house music releases, Jesse is a creativeĀ force of nature.

Tom Yoder

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