Telehealth Consulting Services

Your Success Is Our Goal

Telehealth implementation is no longer a luxury or an option. The COVID-19 pandemic has implied that Telehealth is here to stay and provide:

conducting business through telehealth is convenient


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increase your income when you treat patients through telehealth

Opportunity for Additional Income

give more patients access to treatment with telehealth

Accessible to More Patients

telehealth results in fewer missed appointments

Reduce Cancellations

Doctor conducting rehabilitation treatment using telehealth technology

Telehealth Consulting Defined

Through our partner Cromford Health, we provide patient care and telehealth consultation services over distance that uses an audio/video conferencing technology platform like ours to link you and your client. Specific needs apply.

This can be a “game changer” that extends and enriches your care capabilities to drive new value and serve patients with more accessible, convenient and flexible care delivery models.

Through This Partnership We’d Love To:

  • Help strategically target higher reimbursement per patient areas, shift referral patterns, improve access to care, and serve your new/emerging markets
  • Help reduce your costs by advancing preventative care models associated with post- acute care, chronic condition management, population health management, and the patient centered medical home.
  • Support you through ensuring your patient’s care needs are the focus — rather than the technology or delivery mechanism.
Car accident victim receiving physical therapy through telehealth technology
Point Motion remote assessment live demo

Book a demo and learn about our FREE Telehealth consultation limited time offer:

  • Telehealth Opportunity Assessments (Non-biased, vendor agnostic)
  • Business Plans
  • Vendor Selection & Negotiation Assistance
  • Custom Market / Industry Scanning and Intelligence for Clients
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Program Leadership & Operations (Interim or Full Time)
  • Fractional Executive Roles (Operations, Strategy, Financial)
  • Research, Thought Leadership, Marketing New Telehealth Service Offerings
  • Knowledge & Experience to Navigate:
    • Policy, Regulatory, Reimbursement, Business Model, Clinical
    • Model, Technology
  • Month to month custom advisory arrangements, guaranteed value, low risk to entry