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Social Fly arose out of a need for content to demystify disabilities, to break down barriers, and create a sense of community and belonging for all. I was inspired to teach others about my own health struggles and found that many people don’t have exposure to this sort of information if it hasn’t happened to them.” 

Dr Brittany Ferri, Author and Creator

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Brittany Ferri is an occupational therapist who holds a PhD in Integrative Mental Health. She has worked in a variety of behavioral health settings, including short-term acute units, community-based facilities, and state psychiatric hospitals. This has given her extensive clinical and leadership experience working with some of the most underserved populations. She first developed a passion for the mind-body connection and integrated care when working at the nation’s second-largest psychiatric hospital, where she was tasked with developing a program to simultaneously address physical and mental health concerns. This gave her a deeper appreciation for the intersection of all aspects of a person’s health and the role each plays in healing.

Social Fly _OT_ Logo

What is Social Fly, Occupational Therapy Digital Program?

In children of all ages, a sense of belonging and acceptance leads to feelings of safety, security, and ultimately being well-adjusted.
This led to the development of a socio-emotional program called Social Fly, which offers children ages 5-12 a sense of community, understanding, and tolerance through skill development.  Social Fly uses social modeling and peer education to teach children about disabilities they might otherwise have difficulty understanding. This information is complemented by formative, skill-building activities that address sensory, gross motor, cognitive, social, and motor planning function.
Using a two-pronged approach consisting of education and activities, Social Fly can encourage a deeper sense of understanding and carryover by enhancing a child’s ability to interact with others who are different from them.

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