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How Our Motion Capture Interacts With Brain Development & Learning Disabilities

Motion Capture for Assessments and Physical Therapy

Engage in the assigned body motion shown on your screen.

motion capture technology

We have dedicated efforts to provide a technology that engages different senses, for efficient assessment; similar to Simon Says, but unique on its own way and adaptable to different patient populations. Our Motion Capture software doesn’t rely on sensors or handheld wearables. It is a space to express one’s self through motion. Motion is captured and translated to valid data for assessment that is trackable over time. How do we perform over time? Now the question could be answered through an expressive enriching tool.

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Effects of Music on the Brain

When the body becomes a musical instrument, magic happens on the brain and cognitive functions.

Music is intuitive and applicable across cultural boundaries. Using that powerful tool, we now can foster positive growth and clinical improvement in individuals using music as a vehicle for achieving patient-centered goals. It has been scientifically proven through dedicated research that music has a powerful effect on the brain. Now, imagine having an accessible on-demand tool that allows for repeatable results to occur and a better understanding of how music can empower your care receiver.


Pilot Programs

Schools and Educational Institutions

Boston Public School

Students appeared motivated by the novel technology and demonstrated decreased levels of distress as evidenced by calmer bodies, more intentional movements, and decreased crying behaviors. Students also appeared motivated by the use of the different modes as evidenced by increased attention and increased range of motion. During the virtual instrument mode, students were able to develop cause and effect skills, which helped them to develop a sense of self and their relationship with the world.

Healthcare Systems

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

The pilot program at St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children is currently in progress. Please check back for a full report to be posted August 2020.

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