Reimbursement Guides

Reimbursement Guides

Healthcare providers are our heroes – especially during the pandemic. We thrive to empower them to accomplish their missions and we are very grateful to their dedication and hard work.

As we respond to changes in the world, remote care resources become more common to meet the population’s health needs. This transformation is making healthcare more accessible and dynamic to meet patients needs in Physical Therapy, Mental Health Therapy, Music Therapy, and more. This provided care providers with new channels to qualify for reimbursement for their services.

At Point Motion, we provide a toolset that is integrated with telehealth services, and can be used as an on demand tool for tracking and monitoring wellness in sessions as well as in between.

We work alongside healthcare organizations to establish a successful reimbursement strategy that maximizes your return so we achieve our ultimate mission: Serve more people with a higher quality of care.


Remote Care Resources and Claims Submission

Insurance reimbursements is an area of constant flux, adapting to the healthcare environment to ensure those in need can access care. By integrating remote care resources you will be able to submit for insurance reimbursement through various standardized and newly established codes.

Point Motion simplifies the process for reporting through automated sessions report generation that include service code numbers for the applicable programming. A simple, easy, and consistent process for keeping track of your services, codes and billing.


Applicable Reimbursement Codes

Claims for reimbursement change, and institutions should always coordinate their efforts with their in-house coding experts. We also provide services to support needs in this area for practices which need such. View our reimbursement docs (at the top of the page) to see examples of how Point Motion and billing reimbursements can generate a substantial return for your practice.


Where Can I Learn More?

Please check back often for the latest updates and stay connected on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

For more information on our Zoom integration, and cross compatibility with other telehealth platforms such as check our telehealth services page.

For general information, consult healthcare providers, state and local health authorities, and CDC guidelines for information.