Notes By Natalie

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What is it?

Notes By Natalie is designed by a board-certified music therapist who’s specialized in special education.

Notes by Natalie is a music-based therapeutic program that offers the positive facilitation of therapeutic progress towards non-music goals. 

Who is it for?

This program is specially designed for special education, to address Individualized Education Program (IEP) objectives, academic concepts, social-emotional development, physical attunement, cognitive functioning, and psychological processing.  


Inspiring providers to address student achievement and program effectiveness outcomes. 

Mission statement 

 Provide evidence-based resources to clients and professionals in educational settings and beyond to facilitate therapeutic growth through automated data collection, musical therapeutic interventions, and social-emotional learning. 

When you subscribe to Notes By Natalie, you are efficaciously providing necessary services to improve student achievement and program effectiveness outcomes.

Natalie Hawkins

Founder, Notes By Natalie

How it works?
 Through the utilization of the Helping Friends toolset of Point Motion,  body movements activate auditory feedback,  which provides optimal therapeutic outcomes for students in special education, and collects data automatically on each student progress over time. 

Notes by Natalie aims to engage students’ sensory motor functions to provide ideal therapeutic results, automate remote assessments and data collection for educators and related service providers, and provide classroom facilitation and music based resources to increase special education program effectiveness.

Notes By Natalie allows service providers to efficiently provide necessary services to improve student achievement and program effectiveness outcomes.

If you are also a believer in the power of co-creation and continuous innovation, reach out, we'd love to hear from you!


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