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Interactive content for healthcare and education specialists.
Engage and monitor your client’s progress over time and more.

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Examples of organizations that use our solution are:

  • Rehab Physical Therapy Practices
  • Music Education Programs
  • Pediatric Therapy Clinics
  • Special Needs Programs
  • Senior Care
  • Occupational Therapy Practices

Point Motion Inc. has partnered with industry leaders in health and education.

Healthcare experts, educators, technology gurus, authors, artists and sound engineers collaboratively create unique experiences centered around music, while empowering providers through additional technology perks.


Enriching programs are created by subject matter experts, allowing for gamification of assessment.

Helping Friends, our embedded motion capture technology toolset, tracks body movement, and displays musical phrases/auditory feedback upon movement execution. Simultaneously, data is automatically collected—collected metrics are used to assess cognitive, motor functions and behavioral patterns within sessions.

Doctors, educators, and guardians monitor changes in cognitive and motor functions.

Here are some common use cases for Point Motion’s software:

Children with Special Needs

Oversee behavior with new medications or dosages

Adolescent and Adult in Physical Therapy

Monitor recovery progress after surgery or injury


Monitor and identify changes in maintained or declined cognitive and physical functions

Student Athletes

Make contact sports safe again by tracking student athletes performance over time

School Children

Provide developmental assessment and monitor school readiness

data transfer to cloud


Care Provider selects targeted protocols from pre-loaded programs authored by Subject Matter Experts.

We provide a catalogue of pre-loaded protocols that the care provider accesses through our electronic data record platform, UnitusTI.

Care providers can review, customize and assign programs to their clients as needed. Each program is based on proven methodologies and centered in music. The customized music-based experience runs through our Helping Friends toolset and is adapted to fit various patient populations.

This makes client monitoring more efficient, and increases access to care to individuals regardless of their location or socio-economic background.


Care Recipient accesses Helping Friends toolset via computer or tablet.

There is no need for external cameras or additional hardware; the Helping Friends toolset uses the built in camera to track body motion through our music based experiences. Movement incorporation and activation of musical phrases and auditory feedback upon execution, allows for gamifying assessments that results in higher engagement.

The musical experience does not only serve as a container but also as an environment to develop motor, cognitive and speech and language skills. These patient-centered experiences can be administered both on site or remotely from the comfort of their home.


Care Provider as well as Guardian reviews data on-demand.

Data is automatically collected through our HIPAA and FERPA compliant UnitusTI electronic data records cloud platform, and displayed on an intuitively designed dashboard. The specialist, teacher, trainer, or parent can review the data. The used data visualization techniques allows for quick, clear understanding of the gathered information on clients performance over time, and helps gain insights and identify emerging trends and clients behavioral patterns. Our report generation system makes reporting for insurance easier without the administrative burden of data entry.

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