Helping Friends Toolset

Gamified Assessment Tool
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What is it?

Helping Friends™ is a music-based toolset created by Point Motion Inc. based in music creation and interaction, and designed for health and education specialists, to enrich, assess, and support clients who cannot regularly attend in-person sessions.

Helping Friends remote assessment tool gameplay screen

The Helping Friends™ toolset is a gamified assessment tool with embedded motion-capture technology that tracks body movement. Upon execution of modeled poses on their screen, musical sounds and phrases get activated. Simultaneously, data on cognitive and motor functions is automatically collected, in real-time, during each session. Data is visualised on a dashboard, accessed by their therapist/caregiver to allow for assessment and monitoring.

Helping Friends’ motion capture, engages individuals in a gameplay while capturing valuable data on their psychomotor development and coordinated activity involving the different parts of the body (i.e. upper body parts, lower body parts) with and without verbal prompts allowing for assessment on speech and language as well.

remote assessment platform from UnitusTI
Helping Friends remote assessment tool stage

The Helping Friends’ leading-edge data collection, is built right into UnitusTI: electronic data records (EDR) platform. The UnitusTI data management system is highly customizable, secured, encrypted, and enhances your HIPAA, FERPA and Star compliance.

This material is used within a curriculum provided by industry leaders, with targeted outcomes, to enrich and remotely measure the social, cognitive, and motor development of clients.

Centered in the duality of music and movement, where music is introduced as a universal language, serving as a reward value, and where the movement highlights the potential and the importance of rhythm in motion.

Helping Friends toolset on UnitusTI practice management platform

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