FAQ for Providers

How does music play a part in the provided toolset?

Our toolset is centered in music. We are granted a patent for translating movements to musical sounds. Whenever a pose is performed a musical sound/ phrase is triggered. This auditory feedback is key to reinforce some habits and inhibit others, allowing for the music to play a rewarding role. Experts across various medical specialties and industries are honing techniques for using music as an important therapeutic component. However, the biggest current setback is a lack of quantitative data that measures this impact on the delivered treatment along with the musical variable. By being able to effectively analyze the impact of specific music in various populations and settings, therapists will be able to increase their understanding of how to best deliver music as a tool for healing and individual development.

For more information on the Music part read our white paper: Achieving Cohesiveness in Healthcare with Music, Motion, Technology, and Accountability: Novel Approaches for Musical Therapy in the Digital Health Era

What are the programs provided?

We aim to diversify our content to serve different patient populations and segments in needs. And that’s why we partner with subject matters experts, who author targeted curricula, where they leverage their experience into an evidence-based therapeutic and wellness enhancing programs. The curricula are then hosted on the cloud and embedded into a motion capture system to enable an interactive experience. For now, we list Sound Sage, a physical therapy program, and Connecting In Rhythm, a sensorimotor music curriculum for neurodiverse children. For further information please check our Curricula page, and stay updated with our specially designed programs.

What are the metrics collected when running a program?

Helping Friends™ 1.0 allows for collecting 6 metrics and plugging them automatically in the corresponding user account through the Electronic Data Record (EDR), UnitusTI: Correct poses, Incorrect poses, No response, Data Collection poses, Reaction time, Reaction time general. Data allows providers to assess performance of their clients over time and could give insights on cognitive and physical conditions of the user.


How is Point Motion’s solution different from telehealth?

We wouldn’t say different, as much as we would say additive. Telehealth has opened opportunities to millions of people who otherwise would not have access to healthcare. At the same time, there are certain factors which prevent telehealth from being as effective as it could be, for one the lack of tools for engaging with clients through a digital medium such as a video chat. Point Motion provides exactly that; our solution currently has integration directly with Zoom, however it can also be implemented alongside telehealth solutions to serve as a tool for engagement and assessment of clients.

An example on how we bring greater value to the standard telehealth session is through PT & Rehab. Many of these telehealth sessions consist of physical modeling to progress and assign a treatment plan of exercises and stretches. We automate that procedure for them, and create an experience to mirror for the client, where they follow modeled poses appearing on the screen, and where our motion capture detects the movement. Meanwhile, the PT can now take notes and observe movement patterns more closely. The specialist has data automatically logged from the users engagement with our toolset knowing the measurement is objective, consistent, and can continue to be collected between one-on-one sessions.

Telehealth’s ability to reach patients is a small period of time over the course of their treatment period. Point Motion’s solution allows for remote care to extend beyond 20 minute sessions into an on-demand resource for the support of health and education goals. Coupled with your existing or preferred Telehealth service, you will have a complete remote treatment package for your practice.

Is this reimbursable by insurance?

Yes, especially now more than ever with the current COVID-19 waivers, many of which may remain for the foreseeable future as the healthcare industry begins to shift into a more inclusive remote care model. To see more information on reimbursements available visit the Telehealth section of the Services Tab.

What is the breakdown of the fees?

There are various packages we offer to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Option A: UnitusTI Cloud Electronic Data Record: Monthly Fee to Access

Option B: Helping Friends™ Motion Capture Toolset + UnitusTI Cloud EDR: Monthly Fee to Access

  • Comes with Primer Package of Program Templates to show you the many ways to adapt your protocols into the Helping Friends™ toolset, from sequencing and word recognition activities, to exercise and stretching.

Option C: Specialized Curriculum (i.e. Music Guided Therapy Curricula, ABA curricula, Physical Therapy Curricula) + Helping Friends™ Motion Capture Toolset + UnitusTI Cloud EDR: Monthly Fee to Access

  • Created by a subject matter expert, this package comes with pre-loaded protocols adapting best practices from their field into the Helping Friends™ toolset for you to deliver directly to your clients, in a full customizable platform. Not only do they deliver decades of their experience for you to access at any time via the Cloud, but if there is something missing you would like to see, your curriculum author will adapt your designs into the system. We don’t want to change your best practices, as much as we want to enhance them.

Note: All package options come with a one-time onboarding & training fee:
For you and your team to get started we need to setup your account, onboard you and your team, and provide training throughout our work together. We will be bringing new features in, enhancing what we already accomplish, and the best part is that since the solution is completely digital, the moment we have an update you will get it with no hassle.

Can we add and remove clients from the platform as we go?

Yes, to start your account we will have up to 100 profiles, as you go beyond that number of profiles you will be charged monthly for each additional user automatically. If you choose to deactivate any profiles when a client moves, or is no longer in need of treatment, the system will automatically deduct that user from your total. It is that easy!

What’s the minimum or/and maximum of user profiles we can have on one account?

There is no limit to the number of user profiles you can have on one account! In the reports and dashboard it will be easy for you to see which of your clients are the least, and most active as well.

What is an account, and what is a user profile?

An account is for your institution, organization, or team of providers. Each team member will have a user profile to manage program assignments and review data for their assigned clients. A User profile has various levels of role capabilities. From administrative, to parents/guardians who can only run programs for their child. Each client will receive a profile, however you may choose to assign one to their parent to run programs at home independently, and so they may review reports on their progress at any time.

Can this solution be run alongside telehealth services?

Absolutely, our solution can be run on any computer or tablet alongside a video call/telehealth service. Simply share your screen and run a program as you normally would. The user can engage with movement while the provider watches their movement and engagement in real-time.

Can this solution integrate with different EHR/EMR platforms?

Yes! Point Motion’s UnitusTI Electronic Data Record can integrate with any major EHR/EMR platform such as EPIC and CERNER.

Do you provide a free trial period?

We are happy to provide a demo to you at any time. We also provide a full package of onboarding and training materials and videos. There is no free trial period, although we believe in accompanying you step by step to master the tool and achieve customer success that is our motto.

Do we or our clients need any additional equipment?

One more great thing about our solution is its accessibility. The only necessary equipment is a computer, laptop, or tablet with a built-in or attached standard camera. You must also have access to the internet, as our solution is not a downloaded app. This is particularly important for security reasons, as no data is stored on the user’s device, and keeping all data within a closed server. Internet speed may impact loading times, but not the consistency of the gameplay itself.

Is this Compliant to industry regulations?

Yes, Point Motion’s servers are HIPAA, and FERPA compliant, and our motion capture system does not record or store real-image videos of the users interactions.

Point Motion does not utilize any handheld or wearable devices, nor does it require any type of external hardware outside what the user already utilizes (FDA approved devices such as laptops and tablets).

Is this a form of treatment or meant to diagnose specific conditions?

Point Motion’s toolset is not considered a medical device, as we do not claim to heal, diagnose, treat, or cure physical or cognitive conditions. Point Motion provides supportive toolsets and materials for general wellness and cognitive activity. While Point Motion’s solution can collect information on metrics such as range of motion, responsiveness to cues, and much more, our system does not produce medical advice or improve outcomes, rather, it delivers information to specialists who alongside standard assessments can use our long term data collection as an enhanced observational supplement.

Is it possible to integrate my existing protocols into the Helping Friends toolset?

Yes, and the process is intuitive and flexible to your needs! We provide the training, guidance, and support for you to be able to load your protocols, and we provide you additional resources such as royalty-free libraries for music, sounds, and graphics. You can easily map your experience, the movements, any audio/visual cues to be triggered, and what kind of data you wish to collect within the program activity/gameplay.

What if we have specific music we want to use with our clients?

Point Motion offers world-class audio design services. The company is founded by a Berklee College of Music alumni with a degree in Jazz Composition and Film Scoring. Music runs deep in our roots and company culture; any preferred- style of music, sound-alikes or customized audio signals are well within reach and will enhance your clients’ experience. We offer those services in-house and would love to hear your ideas and how we can support you in achieving your goals.

I need help deciding.

Please, feel free to reach out with your questions and we can schedule a call to clarify your concerns. We are a dedicated team that believes in customer success. We collaborate with consultants who also allocate time to help our customers strategize their future steps. Our goal is beyond customer satisfaction. We want you to be satisfied and help you do your job best by automating some of your processes and introducing higher flexibility through programs and cloud services. We are committed to understanding the desired outcomes you want to achieve with your clients, and support designing those experiences to drive your success.

FAQ for Authors

What does partnering as a curriculum author consist of?
We will give you access to a cloud platform to publish, and sell your best practices for providers around the world using our comprehensive solution consisting of:

  • HIPAA/FERPA compliant UnitusTI Electronic Data Record
  • The Helping Friends Motion Capture Toolset for adapting your protocols into a movement based experience.
  • Publishing Home, the place where you create “packages” of protocols and with the click of a button release them globally! No Printing, or Shipping Required.
How many authors are allowed to collaborate on a curriculum?

There is no limit to the number of Authors who can collaborate in producing a curriculum. A set percent of revenue is allocated to the Author(s).

What are the costs for Publishing my curriculum with Point Motion?

There is a one-time setup fee which covers training and onboarding, as well as a monthly fee for maintaining your curriculum on the Cloud.

How long does it take to onboard and get started?

Across 8 weeks, we will take you from concept to a complete program. Our Authors are people who are still in the field working with clients, and without taking away from their professional obligations can still create their programs and open up a new revenue channel to support their long-term aspirations.

How long does it take to publish a curriculum?

Depending on the complexity and vision for your programs, our timeline can vary from 2 to 4 months.

Does Point Motion customize the music and pictures?

You may have your best practices lined up, but little experience with editing pictures or sound files. We have a team of creatives ready to help you assemble your programs with original music and images according to your design needs for no extra cost.

Do I get to keep my Intellectual Property (IP) for my curriculum?

Many other publishers will request ownership over your IP; we will not. We see this as a partnership and respect the time it took for you to build your knowledge and experience in order to adapt your best practices into the next generation of technology.

Do you support sales efforts?

Through collaborations in marketing campaigns, and working together to build an online presence, we will work with you to market, demo, and sell your curriculum to hundreds, if not thousands of institutions around the world. Building a landing page, email campaigns, and connecting with your community through LinkedIn will be vital to ensuring your audience is aware and can purchase your curriculum.

We will also be joining you, whenever requested, to support with demos and presentations to potential customers.

Is there a technical support team?

Yes; we have IT, Marketing, Sales, and Telehealth experts ready to back you up every step of the way!

What are my marketing/sales obligations?

It will be your job to market your curriculum to your customers. You understand them, their needs, their language; that’s why they need to hear from YOU how amazing this solution is, and the curriculum you have created with it. Every step of the way we will be there to support you with training, from setting up your online profiles to connecting with prospective customers.

What curricula have you already published?

For information on our latest curricula available, visit the Curricula section at our website.

Has this solution been utilized in a healthcare system before?

Our motion tracking technology put in use with our Physical therapy curriculum, has been leveraged in a pilot at a healthcare facility in New York. The musical based experience, tying motion and engaging cognitive skills, has been an enriching experience to different patient populations. Check out our pilot study: https://pointmotioncontrol.com/pilot-programs/

Has this solution been utilized in an education system before?
What kind of data is collected?

With our latest update, you can track reaction time in milliseconds, range of motion, correct vs incorrect poses, endurance over time, and sustained attention. These variables can be used to strategically capture relevant data in your program. Whether tracking range of motion over time during surgery recovery, or tracking memory by measuring how many correct sequential poses an individual can achieve after a single prompt.

Is this tool meant to treat, cure, or diagnose a disease?

This tool is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose a disease. Nor is it considered a medical device. Our tools are non-invasive, markerless based motion tracking systems meant to support general wellness and brain stimulation. The data collected using our toolset is meant to support decision making, measuring compliance to care programs, and be used as a tool for tracking change over time without conducting manual assessments by specialists.

Are there other tool sets other than Helping Friends?

There have been other toolsets, but we decided after assessing engagement to focus on creating different environments within Helping Friends, that provide different experiences and options for different age groups. We count on having other toolsets in the future, focused on delighting our clients and end-users. We’d love to hear your ideas if you’d like to participate in our next brainstorming session.

After I publish my curriculum, can I make revisions or add new protocols?

Absolutely! The beauty about having access to Publishing Home, and a curricula hosted and distributed on the Cloud, is allowed access to making edits and revisions for constant improvement. We love it when our authors listen to their clients and adjust accordingly. It’s a great way to build the depth of your curriculum over time according to real world scenarios/use-cases from your customers

Please check our curricula page and catalog.