Lead a Paradigm Shift from a Reactive Care Model to a Proactive one. Join Our Development Program to Create and Publish your Own Cloud-based Digital Health Experience. 

Combine your evidence based practices and your passion for your field of expertise. Contribute to health equity in the Digital Health era by leveraging the most innovative tools in the industry.

Virtual care delivery, despite the progress made since the COVID-19 Pandemic, is still limited. We need more interactive content to make a difference and bridge gaps…

Join us for a virtual 12-week Digital Health Experiences Development Program. We bring a human-centered design approach to digital healthcare innovations, targeting specific outcomes and needs in the industry to impact overall populations health and foster inclusion of varied needs, cultures, and research.

Apply and realize your Ideas to their fullest potential!

Onboarding & Training

Work with our team of experts to certify you on some of the most advanced tools for practice management and assessment in the industry. We take you from start to finish showing you vital skills in which will undoubtedly translate into other areas of your work as well; prepare for success!




1 on 1 Success Sessions

In addition to your training and certification, you will receive one-on-one mentorship across various areas of expertise by members of our team, based on your areas of needs. Whether it be world class musicians, graphic artists, or refining your speaking skills; we have experts on our team to help you be successful and reach your absolute best!




By hosting Webinars, we will be bringing our community to grow specific areas of focus in our unified mission to fill the gaps we see in healthcare delivery through innovative tools. Whether it be sessions on how to leverage our service codes engine, creative ideas in creating new activities, or a presentation by a neuroscientist about the uses of music embodied experiences in therapy; we bring meaningful content and discussions to our cohort that help expand their perspective and ideas.

 What to Expect

When selected to partake in the Digital Health Experiences Development Program, you will be guided through 3 stages as seen below. Similar to other virtual learning modalities, you will be free to apply your time according to your own availability, however we see that the most successful authors are applying ~5 hours of applied thinking each week through training sessions, and independent program design. 


youth interacting with Point Motion program

By the end of the 12-week program, your program will be available on the Cloud for practices, research groups, and learning institutions to adopt. Our partnership will be a strong balance of clinical and technological to bring the best solution to the institutions who put your program into practice! In addition to any work you may already be doing clinically, or non-clinically, we will be working together to demonstrate your program to the world!

Our Human-Centered Design Approach Combines  Different Methods to help foster Innovation and Creativity, and bring your designed Digital Health Experiences to life.

We Bring Human-Centered Design Approach to Healthcare:

 In the Digital Health Experiences Development Program we will apply human-centered design framework, to be in the sweet spot of the intersection between:

1. What is desirable from a human point of view

2. What is technologically feasible

3. What is economically viable


Getting Started is Easy


More Question? Book a 15 Min Chat with our Core Team.

Publishing your work isn’t a decision to be taken lightly! If you have any questions, let’s schedule a call. 

Mark your Calendar & Note some of your Content Ideas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary shift in your industry; create the change you want.

Bring your Expertise & Passion!

Let it show in your application, we want to know why this matters to you and how you will utilize this tool to change your field for the better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there criteria for eligibility? Who can apply?

To be accepted into the Digital Health Experiences Development Program we recommend the following:

Rehab Therapy: Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Music Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist; Pediatrics; Geriatrics) Others may still apply.

Complete Higher Education (Masters, PhD) or equal certification.


Who owns the Intellectual Property that is created?

The author (or sometimes authors) of each program owns their own content IP! We believe in ownership over your creative works, and that you have the right to do what you wish with them; our goal isn’t to limit you, it’s to take you to where you are needed in a way where we can deliver targeted outcomes for specific patient populations.

Do you offer financial or creative assistance?

For those who choose to be considered for assistance within their application, we will be offering a limited amount of financial and content creation support to the people whose programs we fall in love with and believe can change the world for the better.

Do I have to make the music and visuals myself?

We are going to be producing YOUR vision. We provide our platform, but it’s up to you to provide the content, you will have complete creative control. However, our mission is to empower your world changing program. Sometimes that means bringing in an expert from our team to help with audio or visuals where needed, or introducing you to partners  who might have the skills  you need support in. It depends on you and your needs, and we encourage collaborative efforts with teams that have varied areas of expertise. 

What have other authors done to be successful?

 Each author is different, and in turn some already have massive networks of practitioners in which to share their program, while others are just beginning to grow their network. However the brilliant ideas and creative skills are what change the world! Your success will be based on your investment: in cost and time. It’s important to know that our current authors have an established budget for development and commit ~5 hours per week to reach projected milestones.

When will the program start? When will decisions be announced?

We will be starting the program April 2021, decisions will be announced March  24th. 

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