You Need Publishing Home with Motion Control Technology

Publishing Home is a cloud service that allows Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to publish their unique content to peers and other professionals for use within their practices.

More than just a standard peer to peer publishing service

Point Motion Inc. has partnered with Publishing Home to unite your content with our superior motion control functionality and a built-in program management system in the cloud.  




In addition to medical applications, Point Motion also features a powerful cloud service to help put educational content in front of a global audience. Authors can revise and republish new content at any time at no cost.


How does it work?


Subject Matter Experts (that’s you!) subscribe to Publishing Home from UnitusTI.

Create & Publish

Adapt your content to the PointMotion technology toolset, and publish it via the UnitusTI program management cloud system.


Increase your marketing mindshare with our existing base of professional subscribers.

Get Paid

Earn royalty payments for every subscriber to your content.

Want to learn more about becoming a Point Motion curriculum author?

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Together we'll work on making a change in the lives of millions.

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