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The perfect blend of therapy, modern innovation & support for kids!

CoordiKids provides digital development courses for children, developed and built upon more than 40 years of working with children and their families to address learning difficulties, by pediatric occupational therapist Marga Grey.

CoordiKids now offers parents, guardians and teachers a way to report/ assess progress i.e baseline, skill maintenance, skill acquisition of motor and cognitive functions of the child, throughout the provided home courses journey. 

Together we made remote assessment by a parent, guardian or a teacher: Objective, Musical, Non-invasive and Efficient…

 CoordiKids and Point Motion joined forces to provide through cutting-edge technology that captures human motion and translates it to valid data for assessments, a way to report and assess progress over time, remotely.

Camera-enabled devices allow to capture i.e. the range of movement, reaction time of the child while building a positive self-esteem through rewarded positive participation.

What makes this motion capture technology special, is that it translates human’s movements to musical sounds; Music is used as motivation and reward towards successful participation.

Data is captured and saved to monitor performance over time and help each child get the exercises the need, and moving towards paying attention to each child’s individuality as well as development pace.

About CoordiKids

CoordiKids combined experiences in pediatric occupational therapy, exercise physiology, hand therapy, sensory integration techniques, and homework exercises for parents to deliver an ideal background to ensure the program meets the needs of the developing child and the busy parent.

The CoordiKids program aims to help children with self-confidence through developing foundational motor, sensory and neurological skills. This will lead to improving children’s emotional regulation and concentration.

    Aligned Vision: Point Motion & CoordiKids 

    More children than ever are being recognized as having developmental delays, learning disabilities, sensory integration dysfunction and hyperactivity disorders. Having access to high-quality educational materials and treatment models is critical in helping these children thrive. CoordiKids is guided by a mission to enable children to overcome developmental and learning challenges through affordable therapy courses at home, available online, anywhere, any time.

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