We at Point Motion hope you all are taking care and staying safe during this time.

During this social distancing and work from home way, our team has stayed productive, busy, and making progress.

We continue to support our 2.0 release (for more info reach out on info@pointmotioncontrol.com and visit our website www.pointmotioncontrol.com ) and work with our partners and customers on solving current challenges. We aim to provide the optimal way for our customers, health and education institutions, to better serve their clients during and after this pandemic.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to help many institutions reconnect with their clients and provide a remote therapy that is much needed these days. We make sure to fulfill our duty with complete focus knowing it’s going to allow us to serve our customers better.

It’s within times like these that a CEO earns their wage. Most of the time a company should be striving towards established goals supported by the right team. The CEO is just there to make sure that efforts are optimal, and return is maximum, keep the team on course, and accountable. The CEOs and business owners really make a difference when something like COVID-19 comes around and major decisions need to be made.

Do we stay open? Do we pivot? This is the very moment where the CEO of a business needs to constantly measure the change in order to make the most sustainable outcome.

In healthcare, for instance, there is no longer a question on whether institutions should be implementing telehealth services. The organizations that don’t will lose a vital competitive advantage in the long-term. However, the decision needs to be made and staff mobilized to head down this new path. The best thing any CEO can do right now is to talk to their customers. Understand the change in their needs and expectations. I’ve made this a part of my daily ritual and since then I’ve gotten a greater understanding of what the future holds for my business.

If you want to brainstorm, partner, contribute with content or ideas please reach our to info@pointmotioncontrol.com or fill the form on our website www.pointmotioncontrol.com

We would love to hear your thoughts too.

Kevin Clark
CEO & Founder