Point Motion and UnitusTI start the year with new vision, new milestones and a new partnership to revolutionize the future of Therapy, Music Education and Data Collection.

Boston, Massachusetts: Point Motion, the Digital Health company that provides Motion capture software to collect data on movement to eliminate the process of handwritten assessment when treating children with special needs, partners with UnitusTI, the international technology SaaS company that delivers data collection tools as well as programs and curricula from educators, field experts and treatment professionals through the UnitusTI Cloud platform.

While UnitusTI is a highly customizable data management system, secured, encrypted and enhances HIPAA, FERPA and GDPR compliance, Point Motion was granted a patent on the use of motion capture for musically enriching experiences used in therapy and music education.

“Music is an accessible and expressive medium. Point Motion brings an analytical tool that uses musical enrichment as a basis for growth and empowers doctors & teachers with functional data that is reliable and easily reported”, Kevin Clark, CEO & Founder of Point Motion.

A motion detection camera captures body movement which trigger sounds, chords, or activate musical filters and sound effects, hence through these interactions, movements are captured and assessed. This partnership allows data from patients & students to be collected during a musically enriching experience with the customizable data management system, to reach the best therapy/education outcomes for children who are diagnosed and/or at-risk for developmental delays, or conditions such as Autism and ADHD. “It is an exciting project indeed and nothing like a new year innovative project to make the world anew”, Ricardo Correa, CEO of UnitusTI, expresses his excitement for this project.