A musical tool for quantified outcomes

Motion capture technology that translates body motions into music based experiences, providing health and education specialists with valid data for assessment — accessed via tablet or computer, collected in real time and retrieved through the cloud.

Effectively evaluate clients — even remotely.

Point Motion is a musically engaging tool for assessment that is accessible anywhere and produces repeatable and objective results while tracking progress overtime.

Keeping people of all ages active, through engaging motion-tracked activities.

Music transcends all boundaries; Point Motion’s curriculum programs are customizable to fit into a range of patient populations with targeted outcomes based on individual needs.

A remote patient monitoring tool.

Point Motion’s musical games are immediately available to many patient populations and quickly provide an assessment through a secure HIPAA compliant portal. This accessibility allows care providers cutting edge remote patient monitoring capabilities.

Point Motion Software For Educators and Medical Practitioners

Point Motion develops motion-capture software for health and education institutions that allows their clients to engage in music based experiences where each interaction within the user experience collects data on the performance of cognitive and motor functions over time.

Subject matter experts leverage our tool into targeted curricula with identified practical outcomes. These curricula are supported with a HIPAA compliant portal for managing client programs and generating session reports. This electronic data record, UnitusTI, is compatible with common EHR/EMR platforms and Telehealth services. We help health and education providers reduce administrative burden, and improve outcomes through our solution.

A Way to Democratize Assessments

15% children graph

Providers of health and education services that manage large populations often lack the tools needed to efficiently supervise and support every patient’s individual needs, an example of this is in pediatrics:

Every year, fewer than 15% of children who require a developmental assessment in the US receive one. That is because the cost and time it takes for each evaluation to be done in person by a specialist using handwritten tests and observation-based methods are detrimentally high. Point Motion enables immediate assessment even if the care recipient is not able to make an appointment in person.

Right now these kind of remote patient monitoring tools are extremely valuable.

Allow Immediate Remote Assessments

Lower Cost of Care

Automate Data Collection and Visualization

Health and Education Experts are Singing Our Praises

Here are some success stories by both heads of education and those in physical therapy sharing how using this software has helped them better educate their students and get actionable data for their patients.

eighth notes

Students appeared motivated…and demonstrated decreased levels of stress as evidenced by calmer bodies, more intentional movements, and decreased crying behaviors.”

—Charlay Yates, MT-BC
Boston Public Schools

eighth notes

The fact that this company has invested so much in the data analysis and made robust outcome assessment a primary component, makes them far advanced relative to all similar products that have been demonstrated to us.

—Dawn Cuglietto, PsyD, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Planning & Clinical Innovation
St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children