How It Works

Doctors, educators, and guardians monitor changes in cognitive and motor functions

Children with Special Needs

Oversee behavior with new medications or dosages

Adolescent and Adult in Physical Therapy

Monitor recovery progress after surgery or injury


Observe the decline of cognitive and physical abilities

Student Athletes

Make contact sports safe again by tracking student athletes performance over time

School Children

Provide developmental delay assessment and monitor school readiness

Clients access Point Motion via computer, tablet, or phone. There is no need for external cameras; the software uses the built in camera to track motion.

Clients play music based games which automate quantitative data collection through enriching patient-centered experiences that can be accessed both on and off site.

These assessments can be administrated by a specialists as well as a guardian, given access, making ongoing monitoring more efficient and accessible to every individual regardless of their location, socio-economic background, or access to care.

data transfer to cloud

Therapists receive real-time feedback for immediate assessment.

Data is automatically collected and sent to the UnitusTI Cloud based electronic data records where the specialist, teacher, trainer, or parent can review the data. This gives specialists deeper insights and makes reporting for insurance easier without the administrative burden of data entry.